[SOLD OUT] Kinky Connection Games (April Edition)

  • Hosted by Dave Booda
  • San Diego, CA -
  • 86 people on the list-

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Connection games for the sex-positive community. Meet new people, experience authentic connection, fill up your intimacy cup ♥️

Hello friends!

My name is Dave Booda, I'm a connection nerd and a slutty sensualist. I spend a lot of time in play party spaces, as well as sex-positive communities, and for many years I've been hosting "Connection Games" evenings, where I bring friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends together, for a facilitated exercises specifically designed to have people drop in with each other, connect in an authentic way and leave with their intimacy cups full!

This event, "Kinky Connection Games" is like the Connection Games events I've been running, but with a twist 😜

I'll be catering this event specifically for folks in the sex-positive space, and the subject matter of the exercises can include (but is not limited by) sexuality. This is a space where sensuality can be present (touch, massage, etc...) but we won't be engaging any sexual acts. The entire evening will be facilitated, I'll split you up in to small groups (3-5) and give you exercises, then switch you. It's got some flavors of Authentic Relating, some flavors of a massage workshop, and some flavors of an improv class.

Overall, it's designed for bonding, deep connection and FUN.

Come solo or with friends/partners, all are welcome. We won't be splitting people up by gender or doing any masculine/feminine stuff, and you're welcome to work with the people you came with or meet new people. All the exercises are optional, and you can come and be YOU, however that looks.

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