• Hosted by DNA Lounge
  • San Francisco, CA -

"The Holy Trinity Tour" is a musical statement with three female led bands, bringing awareness to female musicians and voices. The blend of each band's styles are a perfect mix of synths, beats, industrial and electro-goth with a future forward appeal.

Bestial Mouths is an industrial electro-goth band from Los Angeles, CA. Their harsh electronics and lush melodies are layered with vocalist Lynette Cerezo's powerful vocals. Commanding beats akin to early industrial, Ebm, and minimal synth are programmed underneath, forming tribal rhythms and mystical pulses. Although their sound is constantly evolving, the recurring themes of spiritualism, mysticism, and tribalism are forever present as Bestial Mouths weave their own distinct creation that is something altogether unique and incomparable.

I Speak Machine is the audio/ visual project co-founded by Los Angeles - based writer, performer, film composer & producer Tara Busch with filmmaker/writer Maf Lewis. For their live shows, Tara commands the stage alone, donning a range of costumes including pointed leather crowns, military inspired harnesses and uniforms, and vintage cherry-red jumpsuits. Shifting in an instant between harrowing, unhinged shrieks to stratospheric, operatic swoops, her performance is wild yet entrancing, featuring dreamlike interludes on her beloved synthesizers to offset the mayhem.

Austin, Texas' electronic/alternative rock band, Sine is the brainchild of drummer/multi-instrumentalist, Rona Rougeheart. Their music can best be described as perfectly moody, embracing their goth influences proudly and creating dark wave masterpieces

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