Bodywork Class & Jam with Guest Teacher Dr. Alandi Stec DC

  • Hosted by The Alembic
  • Berkeley, CA -

Join Dr. Alandi Stec DC for an evening of healing and nourishing touch in the form of hands on peer-to-peer guided practice.

Join us for an evening of healing and nourishing touch in the form of hands on peer-to-peer guided practice. This evening is for the everyday individual to expand and enrich the development of their conscious and informed touch. Come and learn how to work with the body in the organic and innate application of human touch! No previous skill required. 

The second half of the session will be an open practice space dedicated to integrating what you have learned. During this time, you are invited to share any other adjacent bodywork modalities or techniques that inspire you. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn with and from each other in a safe, heart-opening, community experience of healing touch.

This jam is geared towards anyone who has an interest in cultivating a bodywork practice. It is especially valuable for practitioners who wish to develop greater confidence with hands-on healing modalities and receive feedback from peers. If this is your first time attending, please plan to join the guided class so that you can orient yourself to the guidelines for this space and get inspired for the jam.

Dr. Alandi Stec, DC, is a vitalistic chiropractor who believes that within the body - movement is intelligence, sensation is information, and awareness is the vehicle between the two. She is passionate about learning and continues to evolve her studies through chiropractic seminars with world-renowned experts such as Dr. Eric Rubin, DC, and Dr. Monique Andrews, Embodied Neuroscientist. She remains committed to her first passion - yoga and asana studies with Noah Mazé, as well as yoga philosophy and meditation coursework with Christopher Hareesh Wallis, PhD. Dr. Alandi has proudly assisted the world-renowned Walnut Creek Aquanuts Artistic Swimming Team. Her elite athletic background, combined with her passion for the innate intelligence that drives the human form, informs her unique and insightful vision of functional movement and the healing arts.

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