Clothing Swap!

Welcome to yet another stupendous clothing swap! 

Please bring clean clothing that you think others will enjoy.

If you don't have clothing to swap please feel free to attend. 

There may be occasional partial-nudity as folks try on clothing. Everyone will be clothed except while changing between outfits.

Special thanks to Jimena for volunteering her home as a venue, and to Alanna for facilitating!


Contribute some clothing to swap, and/or pay what you can to help keep the organization running.


Volunteers to welcome attendees to the house, help lay out the clothes at the beginning of the event, donate the items that the homeless organization won't take, help keep clothing organized during the event, gather them up at the end and help load them into the back of my car would be appreciated. 


This is an indoor, mask-optional event for folks who have been vaccinated and boosted. Please stay home if you are sick (in the last 24 hours: fever, new respiratory symptoms, etc).

There are 6 steps with railing to get into the house. The clothing swap will likely happen in the basement. The house is always on the warmer side. There's a friendly hypoallergenic cat. There are covered outdoor spaces.


Leftover clothing will be donated to a homeless organization.


Please do not bring food. 

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