Ecstatic Dance San Diego Featuring DJ Soul Seed

Ecstatic Dance San Diego is back Friday, April 5th in Encinitas Featuring Nevada City based DJ Soul Seed with Avatar Flow class facilitated by Aaron Pyne, the Elven Wizard 

Ecstatic Dance is a community movement, a sacred space for you to explore, unwind and unfold your true expression.

Come be held by the dance floor, the music and the community, connect non-verbally with yourself and others and tap into the magic of this liberating movement space.


Dance North County 

535 Encinitas Blvd., Suite 103

Encinitas, Ca

Avatar Flow

Facilitated by Aaron Pyne, the Elven Wizard

8:00 pm - 8:45 pm

Come dance with the Elven Wizard!

Aaron Pyne, the Elven Wizard, will lead us on a transformative journey through a unique meditative dance practice known as Avatar Flow. 

Our bodies typically move in alignment with our current state of consciousness, shaped by our mental and emotional patterns. However, in the Avatar Flow experience, Aaron guides us to expand our awareness, tapping into mythical realms of consciousness, our higher selves, and our Avatar state. As a result, our bodies begin to shift and move in new, liberating ways. This immersive experience helps us shed limitations, release stagnant energy, and connect with our divine essence. Through playful exploration, we harness the power of these energies to shape our reality in alignment with our true selves. Along the dance flow, we also learn to wield elemental energies, sound spells, and create energy focal points to further empower ourselves as well as expand the majik within our dance.

Aaron Pyne, the Elven Wizard has instructed, assisted, and activated countless Avatars across the many eons of his journey. His magic transcends time and space, flowing from the cosmic Tree of Life. As an ambassador of magic, joy, play, ancient wisdom, and creative expression, he embodies the essence of enchantment.

Aaron has participated in Ecstatic Dances for 16 years and initiated the Ecstatic Dance group in Bend, Oregon 10 years ago.

Ecstatic Dance Journey

Featuring Soul Seed

9 pm - 11 pm

Soul Seed is a gifted DJ and producer who believes that music is medicine for the soul. With a background in dance, she discovered her passion for creating and sharing music that inspires and heals. Her ability to curate the perfect vibe on the dance floor is her ultimate offering, creating a space where people can connect, celebrate, and flow. Although she has been producing and DJing for only three years, Soul Seed has been influenced by a wide variety of genres and sounds, including ecstatic dance, conscious hip hop, and world fusion.

Her music is infused with juicy bass lines, sexy goddess whomps, and the rhythms of the world. The music that Soul Seed produces is deeply influenced by women singers, both electronic and acoustic. Above all, Soul Seed is committed to sharing her musical journey with others, helping them connect with their purpose and find joy on the dance floor.


💦 Water to stay hydrated.

♾   Clothes that allow a full range of motion.

💓 A positive attitude, open mind, and heart 

💸 $25.00 cash, credit or Venmo at the door. 

***10 and over age requirement, 17 and under must be accompanied by a guardian***


We are aware of the current health climate. We trust that those who feel called to attend feel safe doing so. If you feel at all unwell, or have been around anyone who is unwell please do not attend. If you are uncertain of your health status please get tested

Ecstatic Dance Agreements

1. Bare your feet (take off your shoes). Give respect to the floor and the space.

2. Speak with your body. Keep conversations off the dance floor. Explore non-verbal expression. Sound is welcome as part of the dance.

3. Respect everyone's body autonomy, including yourself. Witness a yes before touching someone (this is a non-verbal space). Be clear in your yes and no when offered touch. Approach from the front with integrity (and maybe some playfulness).

4. Be fully present. Leave your phones in your bag or by your water. Refrain from photos or videos in the space ~ so we can get weird as the moment calls.

5. Come sober, unaltered by substances. This is a drug and alcohol-free space. We dance together to pursue that emotional high.

Dance by yourself or with others. Work out emotion through dance surrounded by community. Dance with someone new. Continue to develop your dance expression with a long time dance partner or partners. There are many ways to be in this space with community.

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