Fool’s Folly - A Royal Court Jesters Queer Variety Show

  • Hosted by Dual Demons
  • Santa Cruz, CA -
  • 23 people on the list-

Enchanted Creatures, Fair Theydies, and Fellow Mischief Makers,

Behold! Prepare thy jesting hearts and don thy most whimsical attire, for the grandest soirée of the season beckons - the legendary Fool's Folly

We have invited the realm's most coveted and beloved performers, whose talents transcend kingdoms and bring joy to all who behold them. This gathering of jesters represents the pinnacle of entertainment, each act carefully curated to ensure an unforgettable experience for all in attendance

Let us raise our goblets high in merriment, as we revel in the whimsy and revelry that only the finest entertainment can provide

Court-worthy costume and mystical garb is highly encouraged. You may have the night of your life— or find the knight of your life.

With utmost jest and anticipation,

Dual Demons

Guardians of The Demon’s Realm



  • Friday, April 5th and Saturday, April 6th
  • 7pm doors and pre-show, 8pm curtains open
  • The 418 Project - 155 River St S, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

Sliding scale pricing, VIP seating (with little treats!), and financial hardship tickets available. Cinematic live-streaming in 1080p on a privately hosted site, link to be sent upon purchase. Livestream feed includes four 4K, manned cameras and real-time interchanging between all of them. You’ll get better views than even the VIP seating and won’t miss a moment!

Performances include shibari suspension, drag kings, queens, and creatures, burlesque, pole dancers, clowns, ambient characters, circus acts, and aerial arts!

Featuring Jairo Delight, Shay Tiziano, Bazil B. Dazil, Redd FaFilth, Nikita Velour, Qozmo the Clown, Dizzy Stardust, Dual Demons and many more!

18+ only, masks required

No one turned away for lack of funds- please sign up through the volunteer list on the ticketing page or email Dual Demons at for work-trade opportunities.

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