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SoCal Polyam Support Group – April 3rd 7-9pm!

The next IN PERSON SoCal Polyam Support Group meeting is Wednesday, April 3rd at Sanctuary LAX in Los Angeles from 7pm to 9pm.

Topic: De-escalation or ending Polyam relationships and continuing sharing space in the community!

# For the in person mtg just show up with your ID. No need to register on Eventbrite. :)

Want to see who's going, match, chat, and meet the community? Check out So Cal Polyam Support on the Bloom Community: 

We are a support group for folks exploring or living ethically & consensually non-monogamous. This includes open relationships, poly-play, and multiple relationship partners.

A safer space to discuss the peaks and the valleys. A safer space to open up without judgement. A safer space to be you. We're that shoulder to lean on. :)

All are welcome!


This meeting will start with an exploration into our main topic and then naturally transition into Open Discussion where we discuss questions we may have, share good and challenging updates, and offer support through shared experiences. We hope you'll join us!

Fetlife Event page:

Group Page:

Normally this group is based on donations only.

If you'd like to make a donation (NOT MANDATORY) please donate here:

**OR Bring cash for the donation bucket!**

While your donations are not mandatory they are certainly appreciated!

**PLEASE NOTE: Sanctuary is a working dungeon and there might be sessions happening during group which could mean scantily clad or naked people may walk through the space.


If you are coming from the 110 please be aware there are TWO Athens Way streets - DO NOT TURN ON THE FIRST ATHENS - TURN ON THE 2ND ATHENS JUST PAST THE TRAIN TRACK.

Parking is street parking and much like the old venue, the earlier you arrive the easier it will be to find a spot! The opposite side of Athens is no parking, however, most other white curbs up and down the surrounding streets are ok to park on.

ADA INFO: If you are not able to use stairs, please contact Sanctuary and let them know you will need to be let in through the back patio gate. Someone will open the gate and be available to help you if needed. It is wheelchair accessible. Sanctuary does have a plan to have a ramp installed in the front, it's just a matter of time and resources.

There are many RVs parked near and around the area. Note: Sanctuary has made friends with many of the surrounding businesses as well as the people who reside in the RVs just outside of the venue. (They have been very friendly!)

**If possible it's a great idea to carpool or uber there as well!


If you would like to be escorted to your car when you're leaving, please let the front desk or your group leaders know and someone will walk you to your car!

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