Nourishing Non-Monogamy: A 12 Week Transformational Journey to Create Embodied & Expansive Connections

This transformative live group experience meets online weekly for 3 months to address the unique challenges of navigating non-monogamous relationships, with a focus on emotional well-being and self-discovery.

You’ll gain communication strategies and a somatic toolkit to reduce misunderstandings and unspoken expectations that lead to conflicts with partners.

Through group and solo exercises, you’ll enhance your ability to relate to yourself and others, enabling you to construct agreements and frameworks that fulfill your desires for both intimate connection and relational freedom.

This Experience Is For You If:

  • You’re on board with the idea of an open relationship…and you get overwhelmed and anxious when your partner is excited about someone new.
  • You feel a sense of unworthiness when your partner expresses a desire to see other people.
  • You tend to bottle up all of your emotions and struggle to articulate your needs.

This Could Be You After This Transformative Journey:

  • You’ve deepened your self awareness and have new, supportive resources to help you build capacity in your nervous system to stay present with partners during conflict.
  • You can more clearly create shared agreements that help everyone feel safe and supported.
  • You feel more empowered in your ability to craft intentional and consensual non-monogamous relationships that feel meaningful and sustainable.

Ready to experience more abundant, resilient, and peaceful ways of relating?

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