Poly/ENM Meet up at Devil’s Canyon

  • San Carlos, CA -
  • 97 people on the list-

update: it’s windy AF so we are in the second building so the board games can be played. Just walk through to the back of the main building and go through the back door, you’ll see it

**UPDATE** I have secured tables outside for the group near the food trucks! The venue opens at 4, but the event starts around 4:30. I will be getting there at 4 to make sure nothing goes wrong with the reservations.

Brought to you by people on the SF peninsula who are sick and tired of it being a Poly/ENM dead zone, comes our very first meet up! We will be meeting at Devil’s Canyon for their Friday happy hour. There will be food trucks (and obviously beer/cider), plus some ice breaker board games that you can optionally participate in.

Note: if you have friends/lovers that are not on the peninsula but want to come, all are of course welcome! More info to come as the event gets closer.

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