PRE- RECORDED Yoni Massage Course

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Learn the sacred healing art of Yoni Massage in the comfort of your own home

PRE- RECORDED - Yoni Massage Workshop

This is a PreRecorded Workshop that you do in your own home. This is not a class that is done at a certain time. This is for couples who want to do this together or women who want to do it on themselves.

This is a beautiful Online Yoni workshop (NOT in person) that gives women a chance to be touched without a goal or agenda. With teaching a variety of strokes it can provide great sexual healing and yummy erotic pleasure. This sacred massage can take you on a journey right into your womanhood. You will experience a type of revering touch that you have never experienced before!

We will start with some exercises to connect- meditation, energy connection, setting intentions, I will go through massage techniques to relax the body, and I do an actual session as a demo so you can see what a session could look like, and feel like, and you can follow along.

When: Link will be sent out to you within 3 days of your purchasing it

Where: You will be able to watch it in the privacy of your own home!

Price: $211.00

If you want to do it sooner than go here...

*This isn't not a teacher training, this is for couples and for women to work with themselves. Please do not do think you are a professional after this video.

For givers…learning these strokes support you in giving a woman sexual healing and for you to be a better lover. With presence and practice these teachings and strokes will help you get to know, listen and give exquisite pleasure to a Yoni without a goal.

Shakti’s, this is your time to completely receive, drink in love from the heart and hands of your partner, or by your own hands…to be adored and cherished…to heal old wounds and open to the freedom of ecstasy. No need to perform…you will feel what you feel, and you will be honored exactly where you are at. This is your time. And givers, you will learn how to honor the Goddess that your woman is while learning to massage and the Yoni strokes for her pleasure and healing. This is a sacred practice of tantric arts, may you continue this practice for years to come!

I request you make time to go to dinner with your partner after the online workshop to integrate and unwind from such a sacred ritual of healing and pleasure. This supports both of you to ground and go back into the world, this is such a sacred time together and it honors the ritual you both created together for the day.

The video will be about 3 hours long.

It covers everything from ...

-before a session

-how to set up

-the rules& boundaries

-setting up the space


-how to hold space

-therapeutic massage

-Yoni massage

-what to do after the massage

And more.

I look forward to sharing this sacred practice with you.

I've been doing this practice since 2002, I've been teaching it to couples since 2023.

This practice is one of the most sacred practices I know and I teach. And to do it with yourself or with a beloved, there is nothing like it.

After the video has been edited, I will send out the information on how you can get the video in your home to learn and practice it!

Refund policy: I do not give refunds. No Transfers

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