Queer Poly Karaoke @ The World Famous Turf Club (Hayward)

  • Hayward, CA -
  • 38 people on the list-

This event is for folks of any gender who are queer AND non-monogamous, or allies, who want to build local community and meet more like-minded people.

Join us at The World Famous Turf Club in Hayward for a night of karaoke on their outdoor stage! The venue is a short walk from Hayward BART, or you can make use of the numerous free parking lots and garages around downtown.

While topics for this event may be kink-friendly this will be a vanilla event, so please come in street clothes.

If you have not received your COVID vaccine, have COVID or flu-like symptoms, please stay home.

Consent is an important part of the culture, so please ask before touching or hugging others, only act on enthusiastic consent.

Microphone condoms are no longer provided on site.

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