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Formed in 1974, Raven was one of the key bands in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal sound. They have released 15 albums, each one maintaining their stranglehold on the metal genre. They were highly influential to some of the biggest names in metal, including Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax.

Vicious Rumors are Bay Area Power Metal legends. Their first record deal was with the revered metal label, Shrapnel Records. It was here they released their iconic 1985 power metal masterpiece Soldiers in the Night which they will be playing in its entirety!

Lutharo is a melodic metal band hailing from Hamilton, Canada. Since 2014, Lutharo has sculpted an epic sound that sees aspects of power and death colliding, combining artfully crafted melodies, harmonies and precision with a hard-hitting power.

Wicked - Do you like awesome riffs? Songs that have hooks so big you could catch a fish with em? Wicked brings back music for people who like to get laid! Their live shows are high energy, theatrical, over-the-top performances with bombastic songs!

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