• Hosted by Temple
  • NY -

A 4 sessions series on the foundations of rope play through the lens of embodiment and intentionality. April 3, 10, 17, May 1st. (Please note that we will be off on 4/24)

Our intro class Rope 0 is a prerequisite to this class.

These classes will cover:

  • Basic tension, frictions, and knots with some fundamental skills and drills; 
  • Somatics for rope; 
  • Body handling and affective rope skills;
  • Floor-based ties. 

Join Masha and Mrghy on this journey to begin an intentional, body-based, connective rope practice. While some time will be spent on rope handling techniques, this series will focus on both ends of the rope, to serve both folks giving and receiving it. Switching is welcome but not necessary!

Each session will include a discussion, a short demo, and plenty of practice time.

In order to promote continuity of learning and community trust, we’d like to have a max of 10 pairs for the weekend  Registration price is for a pair (couple, partners, biddies, D/s, whatever kind of pair…). Drop-ins will NOT be available for any day, and registered pairs should remain the same throughout. 

Wear any comfortable outfit you like to move in. We will have some jute rope to use for practice, but we encourage you to bring your own (so you can practice at home between sessions!). 2-3 pieces will suffice, any material is welcome.


for a tying pair for the 4 sessions is $280