Sense & Sensuality [In Person] (Masking Required)

Mandatory “SaS Confab” @ 7:15 p.m. required for new attendees. 

Do you want to explore allowing others into your personal space? Are you interested in sharing energy with another person? Have you ever wanted to experience emotional or physical intimacy without the pressure of romance or sex? Are you demisexual and a bond is needed before sexual/kinky activity is even possible? Do you enjoy the softer side of kink? Then this is the event that you’ve been looking for!

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SaS is a quarterly event that provides a relaxed, social & non-escalatory environment for people to make connections that could grow into something more. We welcome scenes of rope play, body to body light impact play, sensation play, massages, cuddling, live modeling, parallel play (e.g. crafts), and more. We also provide purpose driven card games that ask “more than small talk” questions to ignite meaningful conversations.

- For the first half of the event, the full venue is “Lights On” for platonic intimacy with no nudity. We will no longer be hosting the Cuddle Workshop but will provide visual aids for those that want to explore this self-initiated activity.

- For the second half of the event at 9:00pm, the main level is open to any platonic engagement, while the lower level of the venue transitions into “Lights Off” for sexual intimacy.

Want to get in touch with the champions for party-specific questions? Email:

 (Please note you will be required to wear a N95 or KN95 to attend this event)

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