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The object of playing music is not to get to the end of the piece. Instead, every note, every pause, becomes its own destination. Temple is founded on this experience of goalless presence. As is that glorious, edgy, at times awkward, at times graceful physical expression known as dance. Like the musician, the dancer doesn’t traverse the music in search of its conclusion but rather in search of the ecstatic expression of the truth that arises in conversation with beat and rhythm.

In this temple, dance will be our anchor to the innocence of now.

First, to ourselves: our bodies, our feelings, our own erotic current. Can you stay right here with your experience? Can you let it move your body? Can you allow the pleasure to permeate you? 

Next, to each other. The energy we sense. The openness or closedness to connection. The flavor of movement and congruence of the space between us. Can you attune to another without losing yourself? Can you stay present while letting yourself be moved by the energy of another? Can you keep your heart open as you sink into the shared erotic energy?

Finally, to the whole. The entity we all constitute. Group field. Tribe. Can you belong to the whole? Can you remain yourself? Can you witness? Can you let yourself be seen?

In this lovingly held container, we invite and celebrate your full erotic expression. The dance floor is the beating heart of this temple: where we return to find ourselves, where spirit moves us into connection. And when the magic of connection calls you to deeper exploration, a full permission space welcomes all of your sexual expression. 

Combining transformational dance, erotic partner dance, and sexual temple, this is a sacred space for all the juicy ways you want to move. If you’ve been longing for the safety to let out your wild passion on the dance floor, we welcome you home. 

Holding this journey, I will be joined by the amazing Mackenzie Amara–5Rhythms® teacher, Jungian analyst, and psychedelic guide. We are so excited to get down with you. 

7pm Friday April 5 - Berkeley Hills

$75-100 sliding scale - volunteer opportunities available for those in financial need


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