Being One with Words: Zen through Literature

  • Hosted by The Alembic
  • San Francisco, CA -

In this one-day workshop we will use Zen approaches to unlock a more fully embodied reading practice while learning how to use reading to unlock a more fully embodied life. The Zen tradition has always emphasized that words are a misleading trap; at best, they provide a glancing blow off the edge of reality without ever hitting it head on. Yet many of us know from experience that reading, whether fiction or nonfiction, can open a magical door beyond words. How are we to reconcile these two points of view, inside and outside of Zen? Come down the rabbit hole with us and find out how inhabiting the tangles of the written word can actually free the mind.

Sensei has been studying Zen for 19 years in the White Plum lineage. She is a dharma successor under Daniel Doen Silberberg Roshi, the founder of Lost Coin Zen. Sensei received transmission in that lineage in 2020 and became a Zen teacher. In her various manifestations she is a mother, a law firm owner, a Zen-based life coach, a student of Latin and Mandarin, and an antiquarian book collector.

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