Connecting in Love (Level 1) In-Person: A Weekend Immersion

  • Hosted by HAI Global
  • Schöppingen -

Everyone starts with Connecting in Love, an immersive weekend workshop that is designed for you, exactly as you are now. In this workshop you will have profound opportunities for deeply connecting with yourself and others. We gently invite you to let go of the layers of defense that have kept you safe in the past, but now may just be keeping you separate.

The workshop is designed to be a safe place for you to explore your inner world, as well as your connections with others. Our focus on Love, Intimacy and Sexuality provides fertile ground for self discovery, and true intimacy with others in a non-sexual context.

Food and some basic lodging options are included in your workshop ticket price. If you would like to upgrade your lodging or add high-protein meals, you will have the opportunity to do so once you are registered.

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