Dark Dance: A Blindfold Dance Journey with Darius and Samantha

  • Hosted by The Center SF
  • San Francisco, CA -

Join us for an evening of somatic exploration, where you can experience a profound connection with your inner self. Embrace the opportunity to dance and connect in a unique way. Release any preconceived notions about yourself or your dance partners, and embrace your boundaries. Close your eyes and open your inner sight.

We will begin with exercises to ground ourselves in our bodies and heighten our senses. Next, we will practice engaging with other dancers in a safe and respectful manner, learning to navigate all situations that may arise during this type of exploration. Finally, we will put our blindfolds one last time and surrender to the dance.

This event will be a closed container so ensure you arrive on time.

Early Bird -$30


Day of-$45

Darius Moghddam has been exploring both the inner and outer world of dance for the last ten years. Before that using the modalities of artisanal tea, martial arts, and authentic relating to better understand himself and the secrets to navigating this existence. He loves creating community and spaces for us to connect and learn from one another.

Samantha is a yogini with a passion for nature, movement, embodiment, and healthy, heart-centered living. She brings care and presence to each and every moment, which is reflected in the work she has done in the Amazonian jungle with her Shipibo teachers, as well as her time on the mat. She loves weaving her wisdom from her experiences on the mountain, in the jungles, and within the community. Her true passion lies in cultivating profound connections with humans and nature by creating safe environments that allow us to connect with our inner landscape.

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