East Bay Leather Munch December 7

  • Hosted by Five10andLeggy
  • San Leandro, CA -
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In December, our topic will be Dignity

No matter the specific values or code of conduct your family or Leather community adheres to, if you are Leather you aspire to move through life with dignity. What is dignity? How does it manifest in your daily life? How do you maintain your dignity when life tries to cheat you of it?

Join us on December 7 to talk about what dignity means to you, times you struggled to keep it, and times when your dignity led you down the right path.

The Leather Munch is for anyone who identifies as Leather, aspires to be Leather or is curious about Leather. We host an evening each month to enjoy community and share knowledge about all things Leather.

-       You may practice Leather as a style, a kink or a subculture. Or Leather may be an identity, a way of life or a spiritual practice for you.

-       Leather may mean patches and pins, flagging, bootblacks, leather gear, cigars, D/s, families and houses. It usually means honorifics, community and history. It always means living by and sharing a set of values with your leather family or community.

-       Leather people do the work, honor their fellows and live their values.

No matter how you define Leather, we welcome you!

We meet 7-9 pm on the first Thursday of each month at Harry’s Hofbrau in San Leandro.

Join our [group]( to keep the conversation going.

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