Intro to Erotic Hypnosis

  • Hosted by HypnoKink Bay Area
  • San Francisco, CA -
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Join us for Erotic Hypnosis 101! 

This 2 hour class aims to equip you with the basic skills and knowledge you need to start safely exploring erotic hypnosis on your own. We’ll use a mix of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practice to ensure that students leave with a solid foundation in Erotic Hypnosis. 

Intended audience: 

Erotic Hypnosis 101 is for anyone that wants to learn the basics of erotic hypnosis. The course is for those who have never experienced hypnosis, those who have played but want to learn the fundamentals, those who only recently heard about hypnosis and everyone in between.

About the Presenter

I, MindTop, have been teaching hypnosis on and off (mostly) in the Bay Area for almost a decade now. I’m passionate about hypnokink, teaching, and expanding the community. During my free time, you can find me playing board games, learning to cook, and exploring the city.

What to expect during the 'lecture' portion of the class?

During this course we will cover the following topics: overview of hypnosis, the importance of consent, anatomy of a scene and managing risks. 

What to expect during the hands-on practice portion of the class:

About 30 minutes of the 90 minute course is dedicated to hands-on practice. For hands-on practice, we divide the class into groups of 3. One person will be the hypnotist, one will be the subject, and the third will observe. We’ll run the exercise 3 times so that each person experiences all 3 roles. You can always opt out of any exercise at anytime - we accept and expect nothing less than enthusiastic consent. 


We use an artist co-working space and event space in SOMA. Full details will be sent in the group chat for this event.


Access to the venue requires ascending a set of stairs. There is no on-site elevator.

We aim to create an inclusive environment where everyone can feel comfortable learning and growing. As such, if you need any accommodations so that you can fully enjoy the course, please message me directly.

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