Erotica Crafting Club

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Do you love to sext? Are you writing sweet and hot short stories? Would you love to know how to write erotica? Erotica Crafting Club is for you. I purposely use the word "crafting" over "writing" because erotica can come in so many forms. It can be a photo with a sassy caption. For me, sexting is an art. But, also, writing entire romantic erotica novels is my artwork too. ;)

In this fun and interactive online workshop, Author Marilyn Hammer will create space for erotic literary expression. She will offer a series of writing exercises, lasting between six and ten minutes. You will take chances with your writing and crafting through exercises and prompts. Workshop participants are invited to share and offer reflections to help writers grow in their craft.

Author Marilyn Hammer's first erotic romance novel, Goddess Gold: A Domme's First Love, is a love story with a kinky twist.

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