Female Domination 101

  • Hosted by Hacienda Community
  • Brooklyn, NY -
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Exploring er0tic female dominance and confidence!

Want to learn erotic dominance, and explore FemD0m with curiosity, confidence and playfulness?

Go from basic skills to bad bitch in this workshop designed to to help you unlock your skills and preferences, negotiate then control hot scenes, and step into power play that fulfills you and your partner.

This workshop is appropriate for those brand new to kinky female domination or early in their journey and looking for tips on how to improve confidence, safety, and strengthening connection.

Athena Kali is an award-winning queer femdom kink educator with over 12+ years of experience helping people unlock their deepest desires. She and her kinky pets will share experiences from their 12 years of female-led relationships with plenty of time for Q&A, and lead the group through practical building blocks for getting started in the FemDom lifestyle.

Health & Safety:

Please protect the community. If you test positive for COVID or are feeling unwell at all, do not come to an event.

We offer refunds or credit for your event tickets if you can’t attend. Please email with your refund request. We ask that all refund requests be submitted 24 hrs before the event.

Educator Bio:

Athena Kali (she/her) is an award-winning queer femdom kink educator with over 12+ years of experience tormenting and teasing her squirming prey for audiences' perving pleasure. Workshops from this dynamic polyamorous 24/7 D/s team focus on empowering people with the tools of control, connection, female-led relationships and rope to create kink that satisfies, fulfills, and lasts. Her classes are filled with rainbow rope and fun, designed for all bodies, genders, and relationship configurations, and emphasize a female-led style with equal parts love, torture, and creativity. Athena has organized weekend long femdom workshops, a Wicked Women Female-Led Rope Con, and is the curator of Dudes in Distress, a queer / rainbow / femdom erotic art collective. She has taught at over 130 events across the U.S, is a professional public speaker, relationship educator, and teacher and runs a queer kinky social club in New York.

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