The Heart of Dating

Have you been dreaming of a comfortable space to meet your potential sweetheart? Are you tired of small talk and online dating?

This may be the place for you!

Your hosts: We, Pauline and Marion, have experienced our own challenges and quirks of dating. Our dating journeys inspired us to create a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere for you to slow down, play, reflect and connect in heartfelt ways.

The flow:

• We will begin with brief introductions in a circle, and move into small group activities.

• You will be invited to share aspects of yourself, with words and beyond, in genuine, creative and meaningful ways. This is an opportunity to get to the heart of who you are, in life and in dating.

• We will complete in a circle, followed by ample free time to chat and connect. You will have an opportunity to share your contact information with anyone you’d like to connect with more.

This event is designed for those who identify as straight, bisexual, pansexual, and heteroflexible. When you choose a ticket, please choose if you identify as female or male bodied. We are open to add events geared towards more gender and sexual orientations in the future. Feel free to reach out and ask!


Suggested Age: 35-55. Space is limited to 22 people, please sign up early to reserve your spot.

Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a journal and a pen. No food or open drinks in the space. Water bottles are welcome.

We will close doors at 3:15pm to honor our time together.

About Your Hosts:

Marion Segal is the founder of the Heart of Us. She is a Holistic Guide, helping people to reconnect with their hearts, whole beings, the planet and each other. She’s a teacher, Hakomi practitioner, facilitator, artist and writer. Marion’s passion and PhD work is in restoring community with loving kindness, ritual and creativity.

Pauline Romas is the creator of Slow Dating and an Embodiment Coach who specializes in nervous system training to help people uncover the wisdom of their bodies, align with their heart’s deepest knowing, and translate spiritual realizations into their relationships and communities. You can learn more about her work at

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