Intimacy Through the Art of REPAIR (Nevada City)

“The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life.”

Esther Perel

Fulfilling relationships thrive on our ability to skillfully navigate conflict.

Mistakes, tough emotions, challenging conversations and misunderstandings are part of every meaningful relationship.

* Have you noticed a lack of connection from a backlog of unresolved ruptures?

* Do you wish for more ease in broaching challenging conversations?

* Do unresolved conflicts weigh down your relationships?

* Is trust something you wish you could rebuild and strengthen?

* Do you desire the skills to turn conflict into deeper connection and intimacy?

Imagine a roadmap to harmony, a toolkit of resilience, and a foundation of unwavering confidence. This day revolves around the transformative power of Dr. Hazel-Grace's revered 6-step REPAIR process. Discover the art of repairing conflicts, rebuilding trust, and reuniting in deeper intimacy.



Meaningful relationships will inevitably experience challenges. The health of our relationship is reflective of our ability to repair and learn from these ruptures.

In response, Hazel-Grace has developed a powerful REPAIR process for you to learn the skills that turn ruptures into intimate connection. Rather than being bad news, difficult moments can be powerful opportunities. With the right skills, they become doorways to deeper connection.

Generative Conflict - The ability to move through conflicts in such a way that creates MORE trust and connection.

Generative conflict can lead us to feel more intimately connected by understanding more about ourselves and each other. Rather than hoping our relationships will always be easy, we can learn the skills that bring us closer to the ones we love.

Through the REPAIR process generative conflict is accessible.


Who is this for:

* People who want to feel more ease and comfort with conflict

* People who want to feel closer to their partner(s)

* People who tend to avoid hard conversations

* People who want to build these skills now for future relationships

* People who are in any form of relationship or are not currently in a relationship

Who is this not for:

* People in a relationship emergency who need immediate resolution


What is included in our day together:

* The REPAIR Process Workbook (56 page spiral bound workbook)

* In depth exploration of all 6 steps of The REPAIR Process™

* Application of the 6 steps through guided exercises

* Opportunities to practice these skills on a low intensity unresolved conflict in your life

* You will leave with the ability to apply these skills immediately in your life.

*if you are attending with your partner, you will choose a conflict that does not include your partner


Logistics of our Day


9:30am - Arrive

1 0:00am - Doors close

10:00am - 1:00pm - Class time

1:00pm- 2:00pm - Lunch break

2:00pm - 5:00pm - Class time

**** Please note: The doors open at 9:30am and will lock at 10:00am and we will not welcome anyone late in service of creating a safer container and beginning on time. Refunds will not be given if you arrive late.

Location: We will be in Hazel-Grace’s yurt which is on Rosebud Ranch in Nevada City. There will be backjacks (floor seats with a cushion and back support), water and an outhouse provided.

What to bring: Lunch, snacks, water bottle, layers for comfort, journal and a low level intensity unresolved conflict.


The REPAIR Process at a glance:

R - Resourcing - Ground yourself so that you can say what you mean while being able to listen to the other from your heart.

E - Empathy - Give yourself the space to feel the impact of the hurt and bring curiosity to the other person’s experience.

P - Permission - Establish mutual safety and get explicit consent to set both people up for success in resolving the conflict.

A - Acknowledge - Agree on a shared reality to get on the same page about what did or didn’t happen.

I - Impact - Create the opportunity for both people to feel deeply heard and understood.

R - Restore Integrity - Choose from a menu of actionable ways to actively restore trust and connection.



“I appreciate the focus on resourcing self prior to reaching out to other for repair, it feels like a holistic approach I am excited to use both to support clients, and for personal relationships too.”

“The REPAIR process gave me a new frame for how to handle conflict in relationships. Both parties in my relationship at the time were able to be heard and validated in a way that discharged a lot of intense energy and laid a foundation for us to be able to transition our relationship amicably. I began referring to HG as a relationship genius. These are skills that everyone could benefit from learning and using in their relationships. I’ve began implementing this process, and I’m grateful to say the skills are working and I’m seeing how conflict is now something that can build intimacy rather than something that destroys or is contentious or that’s to be avoided all together.”

"The REPAIR process is a beautiful synthesis of many effective communication and intimacy techniques, from non-violent communication to empathy building. Brilliant in its simplicity, practitioners will have immediately applicable skills to use in all areas of their lives, from the ability to resolve quick disagreements to large breaches of trust. I highly recommend learning the REPAIR process for those interested in creating deeply loving, intentional, fulfilling relationships of all kinds." - Rose Rivera, MMed, Founder Submissive Academy

“The difference the REPAIR process made for me is gaining more insight into the ways that conflict actually can improve relationships. Growing up I assumed conflict was to be avoided and a good relationship was one without conflict. Before the REPAIR process I would not check in with myself and would put the other person's needs or preferences before my own but I'm naturally more willing to approach people if there is a conflict I want to address.”

“The profound simplicity of Hazel-Grace’s Intimacy through the Art of REPAIR process really excites me. She has found a way to distill a lot of rich information into a formate that anyone who has a willingness to lean in, to potentially hard conversation, with more confidence and ease.”


About Dr. Hazel-Grace:

Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates (they/them): In their 13 years as a sess and relationship coach, Hazel-Grace discovered that many couples who wanted better sess were in fact blocked by unresolved emotional hurts. The quality of their communication was the real roadblock. The skills that helped the couples resolve and heal these communication gaps transformed their capacity for intimacy, in and out of the bedroom.

Their innovative, fun, and educational style of sess and intimacy coaching is born out of their deep commitment to creating a more compassionate, loving and safe world.

As an innovative educator, they bring a unique blend of professional know-how, playful curiosity, authentic communication and personal vulnerability to their practice.

Qualifications: Phd in Human Sessuality, Trauma-Informed Somatic Sess Educator, Certified Sess Coach, Sessological Bodywork Practitioner, Certified Circling Facilitator, Shadow EFT Practitioner in Training and a Queer Competency Certification.



About Nico Garvin:

Nico grew up in a healthy and supportive family environment, with great examples of loving partnerships. One result of this has been that he developed a secure attachment style of relating. This has supported him in a series of long term healthy monogamous and polyamourous relationships.

When he met Hazel-Grace he was able to embody a healthy relationship, even if he didn't always have the languaging to explain how to do so. Nico has been geeking out, learning and studying communication and relationships alongside Hazel-Grace for the last 4.5 years.

He has been instrumental in Hazel-Grace's content creation for the REPAIR process and the writing of the REPAIR workbook. He is excited to stand beside Hazel-Grace and step more into teaching this content.


About Nico and Hazel-Grace

They met in Nevada City, CA in 2019 and quickly fell for one another. Their first date night was a potent evening with both feeling soulfully met in depth, care, passion and joy. When things couldn’t seem to get better, they discovered they both ADVENTURE!

Hazel-Grace, who was living in Colorado, moved to Nevada City in May of 2020 to be with Nico during the pandemic. The couple hand-fasted in May of 2022 (hand-fasting is a commitment ceremony).

They identify as being in a secure poly relationship that continues to peak (hence, they have founded a new venture called " Peaking Adventures"). One of their superpowers is their ability to move through ruptures with efficiency and care. They love adventuring into the wild together and geeking out on relationship.

In the summer of 2023 while rafting down the Green River in Utah, it dawned on them they want to combine all of their years of experience into leading couples on outdoor adventures and helping them up-level their relationships.

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