Kundalini Yoga Workshop for Self Healing and Embodying Our Wholeness

  • San Francisco, CA -

Our heart is our sacred portal to our soul. Being courageously loving and keeping our hearts open despite setbacks and heartbreaks allows us to embrace our lives to the fullest extent. This workshop aims to help us to tune into our heart space and leverage powerful kundalini yoga techniques to help us to awaken our self healing abilities and experience our wholeness.

We will begin with warm-up movements. A complete kriya set for the Heart & Soul will be shared before we dive into deep meditations for self healing. The integration of yogic techniques of postures (asanas), breathwork (pranayama), meditation and mantra chanting will be used to balance and activate the kundalini energy to help us to fully access self love, inner strength,

and wholeness.

Our willingness in strengthening our heart will help us to align and harmonize all relationship dynamics around us so we can openly give and receive love and cocreate more love, peace, harmony with loved ones in our lives.

Bio for Event Host Yvonne Wang:

I am an intuitive coach, yoga instructor, meditation facilitator, and sound healer. I founded MPower Wellness Inc. to share ancient wisdom and practices rooted in yogic, shamanic & indigenous energy healing modalities. These practices work to strengthen, align and balance our mind, body, and spirit so that we can face life’s challenges with fortitude and resilience. Join me on powerful inner journeys towards growth, expansion, lightness, newness and freedom.





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