Reiki Level 1 Training + Attunement with Brandi Zorzy

  • Hosted by The Center SF
  • San Francisco, CA -

Reiki First Degree activates + gives you tools to work with your intrinsic healing abilities. Everyone has the potential to practice universal healing energy, and this workshop is for opening and exploring these pathways as well as recieving attunement to Reiki Level 1 and associated protocol.

Learn Reiki for use on self, friends and family, animals, plants, or enhance your offerings if you already are seeing clients as a therapist, coach, sound healer, or massage therapist.

Reiki Certification Training - LEVEL 1

Saturday, December 2nd from 11 am to 7:30 pm

This workshop includes:

-Reiki level 1 Certification

-Reiki Attunement

-Energy anatomy including chakras + aura

-History of Usui Reiki

-Protocol for sharing Reiki at Level 1

-How to energy shield with light, ground, and separate

-How to channel + share Universal Force Healing Energy for service

-Hands-on Practice

-Plenty of time for q+a

-Your new community of fellow healing arts practitioners

*Attunement can be a profound experience in the days + months that follow. This step of the process is intended to introduce Reiki and open the pathways to heal the healer and give you confidence to allow the natural healing energy you already have access to to flow through you. You will learn hands-on protocol and technique for sharing the healing benefits of Reiki Universal Energy

If you have already been attuned, prepare to learn more about how to work with subtle energy and hold good space for healing light to flow through you. We will start at the beginning, and you will be guided in a very practical way toward practicing this healing art for self-care or to help others experience healing energy.

Reiki is available to everyone who is willing to engage with it, and is a way to channel universal healing light and energy for self-care or helping others, including plants and animals. If you are experienced with Reiki already, this will strengthen your connection, tune-up the symbols already activated in you, and give you tools to help you when giving sessions, as well as connect you to others in the healing arts community to practice with and learn from. If you are not specifically interested in practicing Reiki but want to be more in touch with your energy-body, the attunement and education around chakras, aura, and Ki (chi, Qi, Prana) is intended to help you get to the next level.

About Brandi:

Brandi is a Reiki Master Teacher. She also is a yoga teacher, energy worker, and nature, animal, and human lover. She has been offering Reiki sessions since 2015, thanks to her Reiki teacher, Rev. Tanya Corona.

Brandi is a trained Energy Healing Practitioner offering healing sessions using Usui Reiki and Life of Qi Renewal, helping you access your own capacity to self-heal and release karmic and energy blockages and negative body memory. She also works with spirit guidance, angelic energies, and psychic connection.

Brandi is passionate about human connection, community, and the ability to empower one another to serve each other and the world by embracing our unique magic and sharing that from a heart-centered place of peace and truth.

Testimonials from past Reiki First Degree with Brandi at TCSF:

"Great teaching style, super informative but accessible. I loved the setting Brandi cultivated. The attunement felt very meaningful and transformative." - Christa

"Brandi is an amazing, intuitive teacher. Her overflowing heart is exactly what this word needs. I am thankful for my opportunity to work with her. I look forward to any event she is leading in the future." - Greta

"I had been curious aboout Reiki for a very long time and joing level 1 training gave me the opportunity to explore my capacity for it, and also gave me great insight on the skills and tools I need to develop. Thank you for such an amazing and thorough workshop!" - Marcela

"Brandi is an astounding leader, teacher, and practitioner! This is quite a difficult and rare trifecta to achieve. It is abundantly apparent that she practices what she preaches. Her depth of knowledge is radiant, and her calm guiding soul keeps you wanting to come back for more." -Daisy

"Brandi is an amazing teacher. She weaves science, philosophy, history, and fun anecdotes effortlessly in her Reiki training course. The course is a full packed day that goes by quickly with interesting content and lots of hands on activities. I feel like I have a really solid foundation for Reiki a practice. I cant wait to try more on friends and family and spread the healing and love!" -Margaret

"This certification workshop was everything I was hoping for to learn Reiki Level 1, have a healing experience in the process, and meet a wonderful community." -Jackie

"This experience with Brandy was eye opening. I am so glad I participated and opened my mind and heart to the reiki energy. I look forward to practicing incorporating this tool into my daily life." -Ali

"Brandi is a true healer, energy worker, and teacher. I was so impressed with her ability to convey such grand topics so clearly. I left feeling renewed, the energy flowing through, empowered, and grace. I would love do Reiki 2!" -Briana

"Brandi is a magical soul who knows how to cultivate healing energy in herself and others. I would learn from Brandi in every life time if given the opportunity." -Vanessa

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