Rosy Peaches "Pre-Finals Weekend" Play Party

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Official Proclamation from the Esteemed Halls of Rosy Peaches Institute of Advanced Learning

Honorable Scholars and Revered Educators,

You are cordially and most emphatically summoned to partake in the grandest, most intellectually stimulating event preceding the end of the Autumn term at our beloved institution.

This magnificent gala, known across scholarly circles as the "Pre-Finals Weekend Soirée," is a time-honored celebration that marks the culmination of our intellectual rigor and promises to be an affair rivaling the symposiums of ancient academies and secret societies of old.

Attendance is not merely encouraged; it is an unspoken requirement for maintaining one's social standing within the elite circles of Rosy Peaches academia. And let it be known:

This may be the final opportunity to get your marks up.


Unlike most other BDSM/play/kink parties in Los Angeles, Rosy Peaches Play Parties have been designed strictly for those who enjoy a good spanking, in all its various forms. Whether it's with a bare hand, wood paddle, or leather belt... Whilst bent over a knee, strapped to a bench, or bound to a St. Andrew's Cross... This party is for you!


Note that this is a fully vetted event.

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