Safehouse Holiday Play Party

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November Play Party

It may not be snowy, but it's a great time for a party; it's the Safehouse Holiday Party! Be it Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Boxing Day, or Ōmisoka, bring your festive spirit and celebrate!


Safehouse parties are a mixture of kink and sex emphasizing negotiation to acquire consent. Only those who have applied and been screened may attend.

Getting screened is easy. Just go to the website, create an account and the go to Accounts -> Apply for Membership. Fill out the application. Please, put some work into your application. If, after reading the application we have no feel for you are and what your values are, we'll reject the application.

If your application is accepted, there's a 15-minute phone screen.

Why You Should Attend

  • No gendered pricing scheme.
  • Everyone is screened for a detailed understanding of consent.
  • We take consent violations seriously.
  • The burden of a consent violation is on the person doing the offending action.
  • We are committed to creating a safe space for everyone.
  • Diversity and inclusion has been the goal from the start.
  • Anyone who is visibly intoxicated will be asked to leave for their safety and the safety of others.


We no longer require attendees to be fully vaccinated. However, we require everyone bring a photo of their negative COVID test, taken the day of the party with your name and date hand-written on a note in the photo. Alternatively, you can take a test on-site, just bring a mask until your test displays a negative result.

Cover Charge

To offset the costs, there is a charge of $40 at the door to cover food, laundry, beverages and safe-sex supplies. And, maybe pay off the new dungeon furniture one day.

If you arrive after 8PM, there is an additional charge of $20. We want you present for the opening circle.

House Rules

  • Do not discuss what goes on at the party outside the party.
  • Respect everyone’s privacy and never reveal the identity of other attendees.
  • Acquire enthusiastic consent from anyone before interacting.
  • No cell phones out unless all lenses are covered with blue painter's tape.
  • Be welcoming, kind, courteous, and respectful to everyone.
  • No smoking inside. (Smoking outside is fine.)
  • No shoes, drinks or food upstairs. (Water is okay.)
  • No play in the downstairs bathroom.

A detailed guide to the party available.

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