Songsmith Sessions

  • Hosted by Audiophiles
  • San Francisco, CA -
  • 12 people on the list-

Embark on a musical journey with us at the Songsmith Sessions, a uniquely warm and inviting space designed for songwriters of all stripes. Whether you're a budding balladeer or a seasoned lyricist, this is your platform to share your original music in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.

At Songsmith Sessions (in a cozy living room at a house in the Mission with a purple piano), we celebrate the art of songwriting in all its forms. Our gatherings are split into two halves. The first part of the evening is dedicated to 'Bangers' – upbeat, lively tunes that get our hearts racing and feet tapping. As the night evolves, we transition into 'Ballads' – a time to mellow down with heartfelt, introspective pieces that speak to the soul.

Our goal is simple yet profound: to provide a regular space where you can practice sharing your work with the world. It's not just about performing; it's about being part of a community that values creative expression. 

Bring your instruments, your lyrics, your melodies, and most importantly, your stories.

(No one turned away for lack of funds)

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