Sufi Whirling Space with Anna and Aziz

  • Hosted by The Center SF
  • San Francisco, CA -

In this workshop we will be doing movement exercises with Sufi chanting and begin learning the practice of Sufi whirling.

We will be sharing mystics poetry and short discussions about Sufism.

This is a physical practice that uses body movements and chanting to open a heart, and experience the Unity of Love in the human body.

We will be given a taste of this Sufi ecstatic experience.

This workshop is open for everybody in all levels of experience.

Come with an open heart, wear comfortable clothing for movement and bring socks.

Sufi whirling instruction by Dervish Aziz and Anna Whirling.

Aziz Abbatiello was raised in an American Mevlevi family, as he started to walk the path of the mystics following in the tradition of the Sufi.

He was initiated as Semazen in 1996, and has made Sema with several Sufi groups in America and abroad.

Anna Whirling is from Ukraine. In the beginning of the war she moved to Turkey an then came to USA.

Anna has been practicing whirling all her life since childhood. She perform on stage with different groups for 20 years.

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