Underwear Yoga

  • Hosted by Queer Conscious
  • San Diego, CA -
  • 15 people on the list-

Join us for a mindful gathering in body awareness & positivity.

Grab your favorite underwear and leave the insecurities behind. Underwear Yoga is a beginner's yoga class for anyone who wants to find step into more confidence, body-positivity, and self-love. While some people aren't quite ready for our naked yoga events, this is the perfect intro class to be in community with like-minded individuals focused on creating a safe and welcoming container. 

In this class, we will learn foundational yoga concepts and move through a series of standing, seated, and floor postures to help improve balance, awareness, and flexibility. Each class ends with deep restorative stretches and a well earned savasana. This class is a beginner level class with options that bring more challenge or more ease depending on your experience. 

*Bring your favorite pair of underwear, a towel, bottled water, yoga mat and any props that support your practice.

*This is a beginner level class and all gender expressions & identities are welcome!

About the Instructor:

Nathan is a Master Certified Trauma and Life Coach and a Yoga & Breathwork Instructor. Nathan helps queer leaders and visionaries in the journey towards, sexual, spiritual, and financial reclamation. Whether it's to lead with more courage, to love with more vulnerability, or to have better sex, Nathan uses a holistic and integrative process to help guide people into their most unconscious blocks and move through them with grace so they can fully embody the confidence, joy, and power they are deserving of.

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