Attuned Spankings for Beginners

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🤓 You are invited to come alone or with a partner to practice. Even if you attend alone- the workshop is designed to give you skills to take into your life and relationships. If you are coming with a partner, we recommend that you buy two tickets if you can afford it.

You are also encouraged to gather with a group of friends (everyone should have a ticket) in your living room to do this class together if you wish! Just make sure your computer is connected to a large screen TV and has a good or long enough mic in case anyone has a question.

You can also join us with a partner for the LIVE class at a house in Oakland (we have space for 5 couples). Get in touch with Philippe via text/WhatsApp for details & location (+14155050786)

About the workshop

It all begins slowly. Gently touching your person’s back and butt cheeks, feeling the response of their body, noticing muscle tone, softness and hardness, bones, skin… and sensations. As you attune and warm up their body to yours and yours to theirs, you begin to feel what they are feeling, delicately matching their nervous system, taking a hold of it with both hands, and guiding it on a ride to pleasure, intensity, and… subspace.

Spanking, when done well, creates a deep bond of relating between spanker and spankee. Through warming them up, checking in, and connecting with their whole body, trust is established, and slowly but surely, every part of them relaxes, opens up, and allows you to create a journey of sensation and pleasure like they have never felt before.

You know what you are doing, and you are doing it well. So well in fact, that they discover not only a new way to surrender, but also a new way to connect and be with you and with themselves.

Join us for a class and learn one of the oldest forms of sensation play in the world. And though it’s also one of the most popular forms of punishment too, you’ll learn to reclaim it and offer it as a beautiful and rewarding experience.

(Note: Please bring a willing spankee for you to practice with)

🎥This workshop will be recorded and available for replay. Only ticket holders who purchased tickets prior to the end of the workshop will receive the recording. The recording cannot be purchased after the completion of the workshop.

About the Educator

Philippe is a passionate relationship educator and founder of Exquisite Love. With a mission to empower men and women in making informed and positive choices for themselves and their partners, Philippe guides individuals on a transformative journey to become sovereign beings through the art of connection, trust, consent, intimacy, and love. Drawing from the profound insights of attachment theory, he helps people explore the depths of human connection and understand the dynamics that shape their relationships.

Philippe's impact in the realm of personal growth and self-discovery extends far and wide. As a co-founder of The Journey to Secure, he fosters a supportive community of like-minded individuals on a shared path of growth and an earned attachment style. Additionally, his role as a coordinator with the International School of Temple Arts, showcases his dedication to fostering open-mindedness and personal exploration.

Over the years, Philippe has been instrumental in founding vibrant communities that tackle essential topics. The Open Relationship Community, the Attachment Community, and the Consent Community provide safe spaces for individuals to engage in emerging discussions, redefining societal norms, and promoting healthier relationship dynamics.

Philippe's life's work revolves around illuminating the path to enriched human connections and fostering a more compassionate and understanding society, one relationship at a time. His dedication to personal growth, coupled with his commitment to empowering others, sets him apart as a true visionary in the field of relationship education.

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