Bedroom Badass: Intro to Kinks and Fetishes

House of Scorpio


Bedroom Badass class & practice with Lady Euphoria Sol

Exploring Kinks & Fetishes

Wed Mar 27 (note day change!)*, 7-11pm, 21+ (25+ suggested), HoS members only**

Main space: class followed by guided practice, $0-30 depending on membership level

Bar & lounge: HoS Clubhouse, $FREE***

Gemini & Scorpio Loft, 267 Douglass St, 3rd fl (ADA accessible)

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In this crash course, we'll talk about kinks, fetishes and how exploring both can enrich your intimate adventures. The truth is, almost everyone has a kink, whether they realize it or not. It's part of human nature to find curiosity and intrigue in places you least expect. Come with an open mind and learn about the spectrum of fetish play and exploring kink in your life.

Some topics to be covered:

- Kink vs. Fetish

- What it actually means to be 'kinky'

- Sensual vs. Sexual exploration

- Common kinks & fetishes

- Practicing negotiation around kinks

- The psyche-body connection

- How the senses & desires are tied to our kinks

All BB classes are a mixture of lecture, hands-on experience, and dedicated Q&A time. After class, stay for dedicated practice & play time to help you solidify your skills, while our teacher remains available for guidance. Class and practice are in the main space, while the bar lounge is open 7pm-12am if you want to arrive early or leave late -- or just need a break. Always BYO practice items, where relevant, though we will always have a selection on hand.

Our teacher: Lady Euphoria Sol is a Transformational Lifestyle & Professional Dominatrix, BDSM Educator, Coach and Ritualist. Her work centers inner exploration, shadow work and energetics in pursuit of Euphoria. She is most recently known for her role as former founding headmistress and curator of 7 Days of Domination, a quarterly week-long series of educational kink talks from worldwide BDSM experts.

Bedroom Badass is our series of workshops to take couples and individuals through various steps in opening up their relationships, or in exploring more adventurous sexual experiences. Whether you're a total novice or an old pro, each class has a range of information relevant to all experience levels.

*Bedroom Badass happens on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month

**HoS rules: HoS membership required; dress code, PAL or prior approval not required; Code of Conduct always applies; no photos except in the designated front area.

***Plus: House of Scorpio Clubhouse. Whatever your membership level, you are invited to use our space as your own for the your clubhouse. While the ticketed activities will take place on the stage side of the room, the bar and lounge will remain open 7pm-11pm (12am if enough people are lounging). Just like with regular events, if you're Friend level and above, you can bring up to two friends with you. Order in dinner, have a few drinks, run a friendly board game, or just read a book on the comfy couch. This is not a mixer -- just us opening our doors for our members. It's up to you how much you socialize, if at all, and with whom.

COVID safety: HoS requires proof of vaccination on file; masks encouraged; two hospital grade UV air purifiers cycle the air.