Discovering Your Dominance with Mx. Justine

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This class will be held LIVE online via Zoom — please check your order confirmation email for access information. The class will NOT be recorded. Registration deadline: 3 hours prior to class PST. No day-of cancellations.

Are you new to kink? Has a partner asked you to take control but you’re not sure how? Do you see Cat Woman and think, I wish that was me? Do whips give you a special tingle? This class is for you! Join Mx. Justine for a workshop designed to guide new players into the murky waters of kink — and pop you out the other side with tools and techniques to start your dominance journey! In this workshop we will learn safety, confidence, tools to find your style of dominance, how to design a great scene with your play partner, what to do if things go wrong, and so much more! Come join Mx. Justine in her favorite workshop, and let’s learn together.

Mx. Justine (she/her) is a kinky, queer, witchy, polyam sex educator from London Ontario, Canada. She worked at Spot of Delight, a feminist sex toy store, for four years, developing and teaching adult sexual education there, and teaching at events all around Ontario. She is currently teaching sex education for various online venues. Her workshops are trauma-informed, inclusive, and research-based, but more importantly, they are fun and accessible! She lives her best life with multiple cats and a small dog.