Persephone: Dark Dance + Dungeon Halloween

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House of Scorpio


Persephone: dark dance + dungeon Halloween

Fri 10.27, 9pm-4am, 21+ (25+ suggested), HoS members only

$0-55 depending on membership level / $30 after 12:30am if capacity allows

Gemini & Scorpio Loft, 267 Douglass St, 3rd fl (ADA accessible)

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Social media: @gemini_scorpio #houseofscorpio #gspersephone

As autumn's chill stills the air, Persephone once again journeys to the underworld to bring redemption and pleasure to its denizens and to seek out her immortal lover Hades. Taste the sacred pomegranate and join us in a modern recrafting of the sacred and erotic Eleusian mysteries.

A dark and haunting mix of dance, performance, sensory experience and kink play, Persephone is a myth-meets-fetish Halloween celebration. Featuring interactive sensory experiences and performances by Lydia Vengeance, Vonka Romanoff, Jack Barrow and more. You may engage our dark queens for personal scenes with their consent (and your tips) after their performances. Dark DJs keep you dancing all night with goth, industrial, synth, dark 80s, new wave, electro and more.

Explore your dark desires...bring your dates & your toys. Consent and polite party behavior strictly enforced. Welcome to our underworld.

Dress code: gods and goddesses, devils and demons, damned souls, gothic, fetish, dark Lolita, cyberpunk, ninja warrior. Effort required / no casual wear.

HoS rules: HoS membership is required; no PAL requirement except at or near play stations (BYO or engage one of our hosts); dress code and Code of Conduct apply; no photos except in the designated front area.

COVID safety: HoS requires proof of vaccination on file; masks encouraged; two hospital grade UV air purifiers will cycle the air.