The Forbidden Market

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It's almost the holiday season! Find unique gifts for yourself and your kinky friends at the South Bay LGBTQ+ & Leather Market Fair — The Forbidden Market ✨

We will be brimming with talented artisans and creators from the Bay Area, along with your friendly neighborhood kink event orgs! And a Flea Market section to either vend your pre-loved items or embark on a treasure hunt for your new favorite toys/outfit!

Join our guest list for event updates and the limited swags!

Date: 5th Nov 2023

Time: 3pm - 7pm

(Door open for Vendors to set up @2pm)

Location: Billy DeFrank Community Center (Community Hall)

Please come in from the parking lot

What’s here?

We are open for vendor applications now! Please check the details below in the section “For Vendors & Booths” if you are interested in selling your arts & crafts!

Bloodmoonvamp leather

Meet @Bloodmoonvamp, a talented leather artisan from San Francisco. She'll be presenting her exquisite handcrafted leather toys and metal accessories, featuring an array of items like hair swords, an assortment of leather floggers, versatile leather creations such as 3-in-1 belts and bondage cuffs, and boinker sticks. She's also open to crafting custom orders tailored to your desires 😈

Copper Wolf Woodworks

@Thecopperwolf proudly introduces their unique woody impact toys and kink accessories. Check out their specialty items: coconut rope x wooden paddle and the evil wooden stamp – creative implements designed to leave distinctive marks and prints while delivering unique sensations. Custom orders are available!

The Spooky Haus

Meet The Spooky Haus, an art collective consisting of 13 talented transgender individuals from Berkeley, California. They push artistic boundaries by embracing various media, including innovative options like resin, digital, and laser art, while also incorporating traditional forms such as painting, leatherworking, and sewing. Their creative output spans an impressive range, from jewelry and zines to fine art paintings, clocks, leather goods, patches, pins, keychains, clothing, and beyond.

Fairy Hair Sparkles

Infuse a burst of rainbow into your hair! Experience the magic of Fairy Sparkles, where garment threads are delicately tied to a single strand of hair. These enchanting adornments are heat-resistant, applied in mere seconds, and endure as long as the hair they're attached to.

Ram Shackle Leather

Take a look at the Unique leather masks, harnesses, & collars brought to you by Ram Shackle Leather, a proudly trans-run business rooted in California. The talented creator has been working with leather since 2014 and loves sharing his creations with fellow passionate kinksters and fetishists alike!


Check out the cute and kinky prints, keychains and stickers made by our local POC artist Choni 💕

Evil Toyz Store

In search of captivating and one-of-a-kind toys? Look no further than Evil Toyz! These interactive evil implements are crafted from sustainable materials like reclaimed whisky barrels, exotic woods, fire hoses, and carbon fiber, ensuring both quality and eco-friendliness.

Darling Diamond Handmades & More

Based in San Francisco, this small business, owned by @-Doll_Diamond-, is a hub for designer-quality Adult Deco Pacifiers, Clothespin Zippers, Accessories, and more! With a portfolio of over 650+ internationally sold Adult Deco Pacifiers, all featuring their distinctive, one-of-a-kind designs!

The Spooky Haus

Spooky Haus is a diverse, handmade art collective of over a dozen queer artists. The artists work across a wide array of mediums, with a particular trend toward functional and wearable art pieces. They are bringing ethically and uniquely crafted hand-crafted leather goods (collars cuffs chokers etc), impact toys, and art 🖤🌈

The Kink Kandi

What happens when 90s Rave meets BDSM? The Kink Kandi! "Kandi" means vibrant beaded creations from the rave scene, and ours are delightfully kinky. Explore our range of kinky beaded items, paddles, and more!

Flesh and Clean

All our exquisite products are lovingly handcrafted by Liz, ensuring exceptional quality. Explore aftercare items like soap with hidden phrases, pillow spray, scene salve, and massage oil in a variety of scents.

MoonFire Mystic

Titania individually crafts mixed media jewelry, including leather and metal cuffs, gemstone cuffs, rings, necklaces, pendants, and esoteric pieces. She also designs altar kits, meditation tools, and crystal information cards. Each piece is handpicked, cleansed, charged, and blessed for specific purposes, and aims to bring harmony & aesthetic charm while promoting peace and healing.


Raptrix is bringing customizable colorful leather art celebrating pleasure-led living for all bodies. Handmade with soft premium leather, a full spectrum of colors, and decadent designs. Every piece is a collaborative celebration of the client's uniqueness, meticulously crafted to their measurements and desires.

Rhea Adri Art

Original artwork and hand-drawn/painted shirts and merchandise, all produced locally.

Tiny Teddy Cafe

Thirsty? Come get an espresso drink from @Tiny_Teddy and his fellow maids!

We are also excited to have our local organizations here!

Society of Janus

@SocietyofJanus is a member-supported, San Francisco-based social and educational organization for people interested in BDSM. They have been serving the community since 1974, promoting consensual & non-exploitive kinks, and providing support, education, outreach, and opportunities to socialize to all members of the community ever since.

Pride at Work

AND more to come!

For Attendees

  • This is an 18 + event. No minors allowed.
  • We will check your photo ID & vac card at the entrance.
  • Please be respectful and responsible to other attendees, staff/volunteers & vendors.
  • There is zero tolerance for hate speech. Help create a safe space for everyone, regardless of their role, gender, ethnicity, orientation, or religion.
  • No nudity allowed. Please cover your genital & nipples (for all genders)
  • Ask before touch, that goes for people, their belongings, AND vendor’s products.
  • Do not bring illegal or regulated items, including but not limited to guns, recreational medication, alcoholic drinks, darts etc.
  • The Billy DeFrank Center is an alcohol, drug and nicotine-free facility, this includes no vaping indoors.
  • We do not allow any type of play, including testing toys on other people. You may try them on yourself lightly.
  • You may only take photos of people whom you asked for explicit consent. If you wish to take a photo of a vendor’s booth, please ask for their consent also.
  • Please bring cash for the Flea Market booth.
  • Most Vendors will accept Venmo or cards.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry or ask you to leave for any reason.

For Vendors & Booths

Renting a table...

  • All applications are approved on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Each vendor table is $50. Your application is completed only after we receive your payment. We will provide payment instructions via e-mail after we receive your application.
  • We will provide 1 x 72” x 30” table, 2 x chairs, and a handful of candy for each vendor. You may bring more chairs, decorations, and displays if you want to.
  • One table can be shared by a maximum of 2 vendors.
  • You may and only may display your products and promotional materials on your table & in your booth area (marked by floor tape)

What can you sell?

  • We are primarily looking for LGBTQ+ and/or Leather culture art & craft. But we welcome all makers from our local community!
  • Your goods must be handcrafted/designed/created by you and/or your employees. Locally sourced, small-run production from the Bay Area will be accepted for certain products. (We do accept prints of your original artworks)
  • Do not sell illegal or regulated goods, including but not limited to guns, recreational medication, alcoholic drinks, darts etc.
  • Do not sell bladed weapons and knives.
  • If you wish to sell homemade food or drinks, please have individually package them for sanitary reasons.

Other rules & logistic

  • We do not allow any type of play, including testing toys on other people. The customers may try them on themselves lightly.
  • All booths will be set up on the day of the market. Vendors must arrive promptly for setup time (2pm - 3pm)
  • You are responsible for registering any license you might need. Vendors are responsible for their own sales, collecting sales tax, and reporting to the BOE.
  • Vendors can cancel their space up to 2 weeks before the market date for a full refund. Cancellations made with less than 2 weeks notice might not be issued a refund.

Want to sell your arts/crafts at the event? Apply here! Our tables are first come first serve basis.

We also welcome promotion & fundraiser booths for our local LGBTQ+ or kink groups, please contact @Nocturnal_Events for details.

The Flea Market

If you wish to sell at our Flea Market booth, please arrive at 2:30pm with your items.

  • There is a flat fee of $1 for every item sold. (If the item didn’t get sold, you will not need to pay for the listing.)
  • We only take cash at the Flea Market Booth.
  • You will have to fill in a card in order to list your item, including: Your contact information, asking price, and description of your item.
  • We do not accept illegal or regulated goods, including but not limited to guns, recreational medication, alcoholic drinks, darts, bladed weapons and knives etc.
  • We do not accept food or drinks at the Flea Market booth.
  • We reserve the right to refuse listing your item(s) for any reason.

Covid Stuff

  • We will check your photo ID & the vaccination card. You will need the original 2 vaccinations & 1 booster.
  • Masks are recommended, but not required. We will have surgical masks for you if you forget yours.
  • If you feel sick, please stay home.

When in doubt, message @Nocturnal_Events or email

Event Made by Mooooo LLC

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