Woodhull's Sexual Freedom Summit 2022

Join us for our 12th Annual Sexual Freedom Summit in-person!

From policy to privacy, closed doors to open relationships, the white picket fence to the dungeon, this is the event where the conversations happen and the vision for the future comes to life.

Woodhull Freedom Foundation is pleased to invite you to our 12th annual Sexual Freedom Summit – the event where everything comes together in spectacular conversations about sexual rights. 

At the Summit, we work toward identifying ways to expand freedom and eradicate injustice, and we put our bodies, our desires, and our personal autonomy at the core. 

The Sexual Freedom Summit features human rights activists, sexuality educators and researchers, professionals from the legal and medical fields, authors, sexual freedom movement leaders, and organizational partners all working toward the time when sexual freedom is fully recognized as a fundamental human right.

This Summit is for EVERYONE interested in learning about the issues in the realm of sexual freedom, advancing their current knowledge, and gaining the tools to actually create the change we need to accomplish.

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